Nyaz Jaff

WhatsApp +44 7709 755902

Software Developer

Android, iOS and Web


Nyaz Jaff

WhatsApp +44 7709 755902

Software Developer

Android, iOS and Web


About Me

Hi! I’m Nyaz Jaff


An enthusiastic software developer who enjoys new challenges and problem solving. 

  • Residence: UK
  • Address: Hampshire
My Skills
Experienced with

JAVA, Ruby, PHP, groovy script, Haskell, JavaScript, Html, CSS, FreeMarker



Develop cross platform mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Release to App Store and Play Store 


MySql, NoSQL, PostgreSQL



EC2, SES, RDS, Buckets, User Permission


Over 4 years of experience. Using it for personal projects too  


Create app icons, App release images and make image changes.

Oct 2019 - Present
Ruby on Rails Developer

• Developing as part of a team, US Walmart and UK Asda photo section backend
• Work with Canvas and SVG
• Write automation scripts for CircleCI and automate manual work such as CHANGELOG handling and versioning
• Write TDD test cases
• Deploy to both production servers for Walmart and Asda
• Integrate NewRelic to monitor performance and pick up on issues before it is reported by client
• Using docker-compose environment to run projects
• Using tools such as RubyMine, Postman, Source Tree (Git), Sublime, Slack
• Review codes committed by others
• Lead sprint planning meetings
• Undertaken one full day Kubernetes training, provided by company
• Work using both Agile and Kanban

Nov 2020 - May 2021
Flutter and Ruby on Rails

• Develop and release a native app for both Android and iOS from start.
• Take requirement directly from CEO and Sales team
• Developer a backend API using Ruby to communicate with mobile app and use AWS services
• Design database and create tables using Active Record
• Generate custom PDF and send it to customers using EC2 SES • Create REST API’s for different query purposes
• Create and initials EC2 instance on AWS
• Use AWS ERD to store data
• Store files in AWS bucket
• Automate deploy using Capistrano
• Using Git branches and tags for multiple purpose
• This app is live on both Play Store and App Store. Linkes on my website

Nov 2018 - Oct 2019
Full Stack PHP Developer

• Design system and functionality based on requirements
• Working on over 10 projects and multiple projects simultaneously
• Using on daily basis: PHP, Vue.js, MySQL, Mongo, HTML, CSS, JSON and XML
• Integrating third party REST API
• Write complex and efficient SQL queries
• Work with Mongo collection to save and retrieve complex data structure
• Generating on screen PDF signature and Excel sheet for third parties.
• Using tools such as PHP-Storm, Postman, HeidiSQL, Robo 3T, Source Tree (Git), Solar-PuTTY, FileZilla, Sublime, KeePass • Running tests against requirements
• Using docker-compose environment to run proj

Jun 2016 - Jun 2017
Full Stack Java Developer

• Designing screens based on user requirements
• Following MVC pattern
• Using on daily basis: Html, CSS, JavaScript, FreeMarker, XML, Groovy and java
• Developing android platform application using Android Studio
• Using XML modelling to link the front and back end
• Using SOAP services to connect to the ERP system over Glassfish server
• Making Ajax calls
• Running manual and automation test
• Working with multiple business analysts to take requirements • Using Jira, Slack, Confluence on regular bas

Jan 2013 – Jun 2016
Hardware and Software Technician
Acronym Computers

• Repairing desktops, laptops, tablets and phones • Refurbishing computers and laptops for sale
• Screen, digitizer, Touchpad, RAM, HDD and CPU replacement
• Hardware and software (OS) upgrade and repair
• Booking and updating enquires on system
• Maintaining the business website on a weekly basis (www.AcronymComputers.co.uk)
• Give review on the daily tasks

Sep 2013 to Jun 2018
University of Portsmouth

BSc (Hons) Software Engineering - Awarded First Class

2010 - 2013
Programming Course
Portsmouth - HSDC South Downs

BTEC Level 3 in Software -  Awarded Double D*

  • UI/UX
  • Mobile App
  • Web Development
  • API Documentation
  • Photoshop
  • Kurdish
  • English
  • Arabic
  • Java
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Angular / JavaScript
  • HTML / CSS
  • WordPress
  • Web application Development
  • iOS and Android apps development
  • Cross Platform Developlment
  • API Design and development from start in Java and Ruby
  • AWS - EC2, Lightsail, Bucket, SES.
  • Website hosting and NDS handling
  • Icons , logos and custom shapes
  • Average UI/UX design
  • Hardware Repair - 5 Industrial Years
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